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Don't settle for anything but the best. We have the pocket pussys and asses of the hottest porn starlets. We have the masturbators that will upstage sex with a woman. Get our sex toys - never use your hand ever again.
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Pocket Pussy
Pocket Pussy

So real, you have to try it. Get the sex you want anytime you want it. The best sex toy for men.
Pocket Ass

We have the best masturbators for anal sex enthusiasts. So real, our perfect asses never say "no".
Oral Toys
Oral Sex Toys

Crave a blow job every day? Now you can get the head you need anytime from our oral sex simulators.

Masturbation Sleeves

Fast, easy and simple. The basic
sex toy for men for quick
satisfaction when you need it.

Wetter is better but you know that already. Your never-ending glide is located in here.
Vibrating Masturbators
Vibrating Masturbators

What woman vibrates like this? Perfect if you want something new from your sex toys.

It's only natural - Men are the sexual species and you'd better live up to your standards! Get our adult toys because our sex toys never say "no". Get what you need to satisfy yourself. We specialize in adult toys for men and male products to rev up the sexual beast in you.

Unlike the openness in displaying and sharing the latest magazine spread with sexy ladies with big titties, most men are hush-hush with their male sex toys. True that the majority of men have a pocket pussy or masturbation sleeve stashed somewhere in their room, dorm or even truck, you won't usually find this the topic of the day around the office water cooler. A hand job will only satisfy you for so long, of course it gets you cumming, but did you know that you can turn an ordinary hand job into a sexual thrill?
Some sex toys for men are so great they can even replace a woman.

The following in an introduction to male sex toys, wondering what to buy from this online sex toy store? Use this handy sex toys guide to help you get what you need for your best sexual satisfaction.

Beginning from the first timer's most popular sex toy - the masturbator or masturbation sleeve.
They are similar but the masturbator has more detail with a provocative design, often in the shape of a naked woman or masturbators resemble a real pussy or ass. The masturbation sleeves purpose is to create padding between your hand and your penis as you stroke to give a better feel. Add lubrication with your masturbation sleeve to make it wet and slippery, thrust away and you'll quickly understand why the demand for sex toys for men is so high! The masturbation sleeve is good for the man on the go, or the guy with roommates because they are easy to hide.

Upgrade to a masturbator. These male sex toys are more fun because they add visual enjoyment. Watch little titties jiggle as you jack off. More fun, male masturbators are also thicker then masturbation sleeves so they do a better job at hiding your hand. All you feel is a squishy, soft swallowing adult toy that pampers your cock. A hand job without the feeling of your hand. It's like having sex with a silky soft, squishy and tempting sex pro. A much better masturbation session, your hand can't even compare to the masturbator.

Want more from your adult sex toys?

Get real with a pocket pussy. The most popular male sex toy. You will be astounded at the realism of some of these pocket pussys. Some even have anuses for those who love anal sex. Get what you need. The pocket pussy experience is so real with some of the more realistic ones that you can even watch the pussy lips hug your cock and swallow you whole. Staring down at your throbbing member penetrate one of the most realistic pocket pussy is just like staring at a finely shaven vagina of a real woman. Specially designed for male sexual pleasure, with open ends for easy cleaning.
You get what you pay for and the more realistic vaginas cost more money but they are so real, the skin feels like real skin. Better value for your dollar comes with a price, it all depends on how realistic you want your experience to be. Understandably, not all men can get the ultra real pocket pussy, so we do have cheap pocket pussy to satisfy every man's budget and demands. Be known, these pocket pussys are cheap on price but high on quality so even the guy with a limited budget can get sexual satisfaction from their male sex toys.

Get satisfaction from an adult sex toy

Consider the vibrating pocket pussy. Simply stick the vibrating bullet into one of the available holes and thrust away. What women vibrates? No woman vibrates. That's right. The vibrating pocket pussy is better then real. Have you ever felt vibrations on your testicles? How about vibrations on the tip of your penis? Don't be shy, vibrating pocket pussys fly off the shelves, they are extremely popular because of the added sensations that you get. The best part about the vibrating masturbators is that for the most part, the vibrating is optional because the bullet is removable. Sometimes you may not want the added sensations or sometimes you might have a roommate hat will hear the buzzing noise. Silence your secret and get sexual satisfaction immediately when you need it. Another reason to buy a vibrating vagina? When you girlfriend/wife is in the mood, giver her the vibrating bullet to hold over her clitoris, it will enhance sex and make her moan with pleasure. An erotic porn star-like sight for you and a feeling she will love, she will let her guard down and moan and squirm with pleasure!

Want the best sex toy for men ever made?

The high and mighty porn star vaginas are the best sex toys for men. So real and actually cloned from porn starlets. This is how they are made so you can see that they are the real thing: The sex superstar squats over a clay mold, once it has dried, it is re-created in a thick and squishy sturdy and life like sex toy material. Once dried it is a perfectly re-created replica. The last step is they are hand painted to capture every detail and sculpted to show every little fold and crease of her unique pussy lips. It does not get any better then this! Stare at Jenna's real pussy and stare at her fake pussy sex toy clone and you almost won't be able to tell the difference. They may be pricey but these ultra realistic pussy and ass are the top male sex toys for men. The ultimate, nothing gets better then that. Get real with the ultra realistic vagina, fake pussy and ass.

A sex toy for a kinky fantasy

Have a little fun with your fetish fantasy. Like a titty fuck? Get some boobs. From the small masturbaters that fit in your hand, the palm-sized tits masturbators to the large and life sized real boobs masturbators, the choice is yours and we have the variety of male sex toys for men here. Same goes with asses. Are you an ass lover? Anal sex simulator masturbators are the best for anal fans. Penetrate a puckered anus at your whim. Get one of our indulging anal masturbators and stick it to a piece of ass whenever you want.

Fan of oral sex love the sucking action of a blow job?

We have blow job simulators ranging from the simple yet satisfying to the extreme and ultra realistic. Literally get a blow job from a sex superstar. Sucking and swallowing, our blow job masturbators will give you the hummer you need. Great to have around, these blow job masturbators give a different feel then a pocket pussy, they are more tight and with suction to better simulate oral sex.

What about the different types of sex dolls?

Bring home a woman just for you. The sex doll is a well known male sex toy for men. Why use a sex doll instead of a pocket pussy? You can bend her, throw her around like a rag doll, it's all up to you. It is more realistic in the sense that you can vary positions. If you are capable of imagining a situation, you can fantasize with a sex doll and imagine her as a real woman. There is more room for creative sex with a sex doll versus a fake pussy. Penetrate at your will! From the basic and simple that you can practice sex positions on to the ultra realistic sex doll with a mannequin head and seamless body for a better and more realistic experience. We also have vibrating sex dolls for added stimulation. All types of sex dolls exist for the men who desire a certain feature. Need big boobs? Get the sex doll with massive tits. Love blonde hair? Get the sex doll with long blonde hair. These male sex toys for men are perfectly suited to your specific desires.
We have porn star sex dolls with their actual printed face of the porn star on the doll so you can gaze into her eyes as you give her what you got. Just a little touch of realism goes a long way.
Experience a forbidden fantasy. The young sex doll, the anime sex doll, the firewoman sex doll, the cheerleader college sex doll. We have all your fantasy women waiting to be your sex partner. Order these sex dolls online and get the most discreet shipping.

Experience immediate penis enlargement with penis extensions.

Add girth and length with our wide assortment of penile extensions. Featuring latex penis extensions to extend your penis, they are also bumped and textured for more pleasure for your partner. Not only for lengthening your penis, but for stimulating your partner too.
For the men who have a hard time getting and erection or maintaining and erection, buy a strap on penis extension online discreet. No one will know you bought one except you and your partner. Have sex again with the strap on penis extension, don't let your sex drive die even though you have erectile difficulty. Do not be shy, we have the items you need and rest assured knowing that your penis extensions will be shipped discreetly and billed discreetly for your maximum discretion and privacy.

Do you need a boost with getting and maintaining an erection?

Want an easy to use and safe method of penis enlargement? Don't use dangerous pills, try penis enlargement pumps. They use the power of vacuum suction to pump air out of the tube, thus drawing blood into your penis forcing it to become erect. Use a cock ring with your penis pump and you will be able to keep your erection hard and help prevent premature ejaculation. Of course, they come with risks so never use a penis pump until you feel pain or discomfort because it could harm your penis.
We have penis pumps with various vacuum suction methods so you can easily find the erection pump that is right for you. We even carry the vibrating penis pump which adds stimulation to your penis as you pump, getting you in the mood for sex at the same time as you get an erection.

Keep your penis hard and prevent premature ejaculation.

If you want get to your penis harder once you have become erect, or if you need to help control premature ejaculation, try using a cock ring. We have various styles from the hard metal cock rings that adds a stylish touch, to the stretchy rubber cock rings for a more comfortable and easy fit. We have self-sizing and adjustable cock rings that way you don't have to be concerned with the penis ring not fitting properly, every man will have the perfect fit when you trim it yourself of adjust the size with a snap or pull-string bead.

Sex toy for couples - stay hard and stimulate your partner!

The ultimate erection helper and best sex toy in-one is the vibrating cock ring. Perfect for couples, stimulates both people and keeps your erection hard. Spice up your sex life with a vibrating cock ring. If you want to have easy hands free pleasure, check out the wireless vibrating cock rings. One speed and one touch operation for easy use. If you are a first timer with sex toys, a wireless vibrating cock ring is an ideal first timer sex toy for couples. Makes an excellent gift idea, the gift that benefits both! The idea behind the vibrating cock ring with wires is that you can control the speed of the vibrating bullets. Also, these sex toys tend to be allot more powerful then their wireless counterparts, so if you want more versatility and stronger power for stronger orgasms, it might be best to buy a vibrating cock ring with a separate battery pack controller. Sextoys for wholesale at

Brace for a strong orgasm!
For more erection control and better erection support, consider the cock cage. These are a step up from the traditional cock ring whereas they are a full penis brace that supports the base of the penis. Cock cages do a better job at making your penis stand large and tall. With full testicle and penis support, it will make your penis look bigger, feel harder and your ejaculations will be stronger. We also have vibrating cock cages for that extra special touch.

Don't be a one minute man.
At one time or another, every man gets a little eager. It's only natural, no big deal because we have the male sexual items to fix it. How do you prevent premature ejaculation? We offer the most discreet and easy to use premature ejaculation control. The benzocaine desensitizing penis creams and desensitizing penis spray is your fast, easy and safe solution to early ejaculations. Stop it before it starts with our perfect selection of benzocaine desensitizers. Safe to use, easy to use and very effective ejaculation control. Last longer, have staying power and get it all discreetly to your doorstep with our private and discreet online shopping.

The wetter the better - Get Lubrication.
The single and most important addition to good sex, satisfying masturbation and use with sex toys is lubricant. Personal lubrication is so important because it reduces friction and allow you to glide. Think of this, would you ever have sex with a dry pussy? No! It would cause too much discomfort. Use water based lubricant every time you have sex, even more importantly, use lubricant with your sex toys. We have the best sex toy lubricants for you to use with your adult toys. Do not forget to purchase a bottle of lube, it is so important you will thank us for the recommendation later! Sex toy lubricants are essential and we have the best personal lubricants here.
For a more slick and slippery feel, and for sex under water, get silicone based lubricant that never ever get sticky or loses it's slippery texture, even under water!
Want oral sex? Does your partner complain about the taste of your cum or have a delicate gagging reflex? We have blow job lubricants. Gives a happy ending for both partners! These oral sex enhancers are flavored and some are numbing to make oral sex better for you and more comfortable for your partner. Blow job lubricants and oral sex enhancer are perfect adult gift ideas for your partner.
Make sex sweet with flavored lubricants perfect for vaginal sex and oral sex.
Exploring anal sex? If you are thinking about it, you must get anal lube. The difference between anal lube and regular lube is anal lubricant is thicker, almost like jelly. The are water based which is safe to use in the anus. Some are desensitizing to ease any discomfort. Slightly numbing to the area, usually with benzocaine, desensitizing anal lubricant is a must for the first timer. Not just for gay men, anal lube is essential for men and women couples to protect her delicate anus tissue. Do her a favor, you'll get more anal sex in return!
We offer it for sale discreetly here at because at one time or another, most men will try to cum in the back door and we want to make it as comfortable and fun as possible for you and your partner.

Explore the back door.
We also offer a good range of anal toys. Not only for gay men, but perfect for heterosexual couples also. Anal sex toys are not only gay sex toys but great for both women and men. The back alley offers new sensations and is the last frontier of exploring your sexuality. Try anal beads or use a butt plug and feel the incredible benefits it will have to your sex life. Try a vibrating anal toy and watch your ejaculations shoot to the moon! Do not be shy about exploring this region, we sell anal toys to heterosexual couples and the benefits are astounding, their sex lives are so much better! Adding more fun to sex, buy anal sex toys discreet and experience a new way to get intimate with your lover. Not just for sex only, butt plugs and anal sex toys are great to use during masturbation. Try this unique combo for your maximum sexual enjoyment: get a pocket pussy, personal lubricant and a butt plug. You'll be amazed at the sexual power of these combination of adult sex toys! Not just for gay men, the straight man benefits just as much because anal toys stimulate the prostate which is similar to a woman's g-spot. Get the maximum pleasure possible. You'll thank us later!

Even after reading through this male sex toys guide, you are still unclear, please do not hesitate to call our staff and ask for assistance with choosing a sex toy that will be right for you. Our professional customer service representatives are knowledgeable about the products we sell because your satisfaction is important to us. offers the most discreet shipping and discreet billing. We respect your right to privacy and discretion and protect your privacy with the utmost in discretion and professionalism. Thank you for choosing , your leading retailer of male sexual items and sex toys for men.
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