Keep Your Sex Toys Fun Lasting With Personal Lubricant

Sex Sweet Lube Cinnamon

A larger bottle of 6.7 ounces. A little taste of cinnamon heaven in every bottle

Sex Sweet Lube Strawberry

6.7 ounces of luscious strawberry bliss in every bottle. Taste it for yourself

Sex Sweet Lube Raspberry

Love Raspberry? Then this 6.7 oz bottle of lube is for you

Sex Sweet Lube Cherry

Yummy cherry lubrication to get your taste buds craving the sweetness. 6.7 oz bottle for lots of love

Sex Sweet Lube Passion Fruit

Enjoy heightened passion with this 6.7 oz bottle of passion fruit lube

Sex Sweet Lube Pina Colada

Get a little tropical with this 6.7 oz bottle of sexy pina colada lube

ID Juicy Lube Cool Mint

4.1 ounces of tasty cool mint lube to get your taste buds breezy

ID Juicy Lube Peach

Sexy peach lube in a 4.2 oz bottle. Lick and slurp the sweetness off each other all night

Flavored Lubricants

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