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Ass Palm Pal

Tight and stretchy, feels like a real anus on the first time. Features hand grips
and a silky smooth tunnel.

Anal Masturbator

You should have this in your drawer when your booty call woman is not available.

Anal Buddy

Super stretchy, tight like a glove, this detailed and sculpted male sex toy is good for men who like a tight ass.

Wrap Around Sallie

Decadent silky soft-to-the-touch for a tempting feel. Elegantly designed high class piece of ass.

Pure Skin Vibrating Ass

A longer tunnel gives you all the coverage you'll ever need, insert the vibrator into the pouch for added tingles.

Mini Butt

Extra thick and super squishy, slide this tight tube over your pleasure rod for a gushy jelly feel.

Anal Exam

Soft, warm and tight, this jelly masturbator with tight entry way glows in the dark for easy use.

Masturbators - Butts

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